Do You Want a Business That Pays in Your Spare Time...

‘’How to Start on Online Business That Pays You a Daily Income 365 Days/Year with Only a 2-Page Website"

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Dear Friend,

You're going to love this.

Imagine knowing how to build a simple 2 page website that can bring in sales, profits & money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Imagine setting it up one-time, walking away from it...

...and letting it work for you 100% automatically.

If you continue reading, what I am going to show you is both unbelievably simple and outrageously profitable. You'll be able to set the entire system up in less than a week (actually in less than a day, if you want) and then profit from it for life

That's right, once the system is in place -- it continues to pay you for as long as it is online.

...Yes, I am Very Serious. Imagine Waking Up to This Kind of Income From a Website You Built in Less Than 24 Hours...

My name is Mr. Czar Nnamani, I am the CoFunder & CEO of; one of the top affiliate marketing platforms in Africa with over 100k active users

Hundreds of people, using My platform make & get paid  a lot of money - weekly. 

But this is NOT another affiliate marketing program, what I will show you can be used to sell Almost anything on the internet with simple 2 page websites you can build in your spare time!

In only a few short years I've achieved the ultimate Internet "fantasy" of making a lot of money from a simple (almost primitive) web site that runs itself virtually on complete autopilot. 

Starting from scratch I banked over N21,350 my first 4 months the website was online, just working part-time out of the corner of my living room. 

Now today, only a few years later, I've gone on to take my proven system and duplicate my success by creating ‘’multiple money-maker-websites’’ on the internet

I'm sure my story may be hard to believe - but give me a chance and let me prove that I might just have the answer for you, too (like I have for so many others)!

All My Friends Laughed...

My friends were rolling on the floor laughing when I told them I was going to put up a website that pays me money. And they had every right to be amused since I had absolutely no web site design skills, zero HTML or coding knowledge. In fact, I don't have much computer "know-how" whatsoever (still don't). But that didn't stop me from going ahead with my simple 2-page web site and the flood of orders hasn't stopped. 

It's absolutely incredible!

So what does this have to do with you? 

Actually a lot. 

Because for the first time ever I'm willing to step forward and finally spill the beans about exactly how I started from NOTHING and built an automatic web site that spits out more money than when I was killing myself working 5 days per week as a school teacher. Yes, I'm going to lay it all out for you so you can duplicate the exact system I've used...

But before I get to that, I want you to picture the perfect business

Everything You Have Heard About The Internet is True!

Imagine waking up every morning and finding credit alerts lining up in your phone. As you were sleeping customers from all over the world were giving you money. 

And the best part is once you've got your system set up you don't have to do much at all because your computer takes the order, processes the payment, delivers the product and then deposits money in your bank account 

- all without you lifting a finger. It's like having your own perfect money making machine working for you tirelessly day and night.

I know this sounds a bit too good to be true, but it's all true. And when I decided to create this information I realized I had a major problem.

My big problem is how do I tell you about my proven Internet strategies and techniques (and what kind of lifestyle it can give you) without sounding like a bunch of hype or coming off as some 'rip-off' artist. 

I'm sorry to say but that's one of the biggest problems on the Internet since you really don't know who to believe. 

Listen, I'm not going to B.S. you and tell you that I make $5,000 a day in my underwear (I usually work in a pair of shorts and my best day so far online has been $2,500).

Even with that said, I really don't expect you to believe a word I'm saying until you see even more.... 

Proof That I Practise What I Preach...

We create a simple 2-Page Website for one of our Products, Sent Affiliate Traffic & did $452 (N316,000) in sales on one of the Products

This is a Whooping $3,485 from a Simple 2 Page website (Over N2.4M)

This is $7,303 in Sales (Over N5.1 Million)

And all of this is actual money that was deposited in my account automatically from my website EVERY DAY while I’m sleeping, working on other projects or just hanging out. (Now these amounts are gross and not net profit; but I still take home a VERY healthy profit margin from it.)

Of course the money is great – but there’s actually a much bigger benefit to having an Internet business that runs itself almost completely on autopilot – and that is the freedom! 

Now I have the time to do pretty much whatever I want & have fun

I wake up whenever I want, work out at the gym, play PS4, sleep in late or just hang out with friends whenever I want.

Actually, most of my friends still wonder how I am able to NEVER go to work & still live comfortably, and exactly how my websites keep cranking out sales and putting more money into my bank account when they even rarely see me work.)

Now, I’m not trying to brag or boast. I simply want to make the point and prove to you that I’ve actually done “it”

There are lots of “so-called” Internet experts out there trying to sell you their rehashed Internet marketing information – but only a handful have actually sold anything except “how to get rich on the Internet” information. (If I were going to take advice – I’d want to make sure they could “walk their walk” first.) I know all of this sounds like a pipe dream but it’s not. 

Stick with me and I’ll show you

The Only Way Left For The "Little Guy" (Like You And Me) To Create Incredible Wealth, Working Only When We Want

Here's What I Do NOT Sell Online:

I don't sell anything rare or unusual (nearly anyone could create the same product once I explain it to them). 

Next, I don't sell anything where I have to sit down at a shop all day talking to customers. 

I don’t chat all day on Whatsapp trying to close clients and having no time for myself

And I don't sell tons of products making a slim profit on each sale ( my profit margin is quite high).

My methods have absolutely nothing to do with "multi-level marketing", "get-rich-quick" schemes, Internet "bring one person to bring another person", "pyramid" ploys, or anything remotely illegal or unethical. 

Okay - So What Do I Sell? 

I create what I call 'Digitally Delivered' Information Products. 

Let me give you a simple example of what happens on my web site so you'll get the idea.

 To start with, a visitor comes to my site and they'll read my online sales letter. Then once they decide to order they'll click over to my order page and give me their credit card number. That credit card is processed in real time to make sure it is valid and after it's approved the customer creates their own password to access my 'digitally delivered' product. And then, the money is deposited in my account and I get an email confirmation of the order.

Simple, right?

Did you catch what I left out? Exactly. No personal involvement on my part. My computer and systems I've set up handle everything on complete autopilot. 

7 Reasons Why A 'Digital' Information Product Is The Best Way To Build Your Fortune on The Net

  • Reason #1: You have no competition. Everything you sell is copyright protected so nobody can create a ‘’knock off’’ 

  • Reason #2: Incredibly huge profit margins. With a digitally delivered or 'downloadable' product your profit margin is nearly 100%. (Compare that to buying a physical product, marking up the price and selling to get a little profit)

  • Reason #3: You can work from anywhere you wish. It doesn't matter if you're playing PS4 at your friend’s house (like I like to do). You can run your digital information site from anywhere you can find an Internet connection. (This past month, I traveled to see my parents on a weekday and $5,352.89 was still deposited in my account from my website. I didn't even bring my laptop because I could use my brother’s old laptop to run my business.)

  • Reason #4: You can set up your business so it works on complete autopilot (that's how my website works right now).

  • Reason #5: No need for employees. I have absolutely zero employees in my private business (it's just me running the whole show) and I couldn't be happier not to deal with all those headaches and hassles. When I need something done I simply outsource it.

  • Reason #6: Incredibly low start up costs. You don't need a factory or even a store front because you can run your business in any spare space a small laptop can fit.

Reason #7: You get paid over and over again for work you do one time. Once you create your digital product you can keep selling over and over again. The work is done one time and you repeatedly profit from it.

By Now You are Thinking

"But Everything's Free On the Internet - So How Could I Possibly Sell Information?"

Not exactly. 

There is plenty of information available for free on the Internet but the problem is information overload and lack of time. 

Believe me, people will gladly pay for information that will save them time and money searching around. 

How do I know? 

Easy - people buy from our sites every single day of the year (even Christmas).

Now Here's What You Don't Need To Get Started:

Lots of money to design your site. Nearly anyone can design a simple 2-page web site for you if you can't do it yourself. (Since I didn't know any HTML I paid for my site to be designed- but with the easy web design tools available now you could be up and running almost for FREE)

Lots of time. I only work a couple hours a week handling administrative functions - so this is the perfect home based side hustle to start even if you're working at a full time job.

Lots of free content. Trust me on this one. My web site is a simple 2-page site because I didn't have time to create lots of free content like many experts advise you to do, maybe just a few - but nothing more. You don't need it - in fact, in many cases it even hurts your sales.

Lots of money to advertise. I'll show in exact detail how I've managed to drive thousands and thousands of visitors to my site using free and very, very low-cost marketing methods.

Before we go on - please keep in mind, some of the numbers mentioned on this site are extraordinary and their results may not be typical. 

I cannot guarantee you'll make a certain dollar amount. The truth is nobody can (even though many sites do) and they can get into a lot of legal trouble with Government agencies for saying things like that. 

However, I can guarantee you that I've honed my system down to practically a science for you to follow. 

Unfortunately, I have no idea if you'll watch TV all day or actually follow the simple step-by-step instructions I spell out for you. 

Really, it's simple common sense and there is the potential for loss (just like there is with any kind of business there is). But with an Internet business you can start so cheaply that the potential gain is staggering. I started my first site for just $100 (about 70,000 Naira) and now it brings in over $50,000.00 (35M) each year without any effort, so I believe the small risk far outweighs your potential reward.

Simply put, there is no better opportunity right now than selling a digitally delivered information product. I turned a profit after the first few weeks and now it just keeps growing and growing. 

Just last month it brought in over $9,582.72 (6.6M)(that's just one of my 7 money making sites) and I'm still only working just a few hours a week from the comfort of my home office.

Don't get discouraged if you can't imagine that kind of income yet. Remember, I started out small just like you probably will. My first month online I made $230 (161,000 Naira), month #2 added up to $725.45 (N507,000) and month #3 grew to $1,500.37 (Over N1M)

And now you can simply copy my success

Announcing the "7 Days to Internet Profit

Forget just about everything you've seen or heard from other so-called marketing experts. What I've done is put together a complete blueprint for Internet marketing success. 

I'm sure you've probably seen and read all kinds of online marketing material that give you hundreds of different techniques and strategies that are supposed to work - forget about that! 

You could waste months (and thousands of dollars/naira) - doing trial and error. Or you could save yourself the frustration, time and mistakes by following someone that actually gets results.

What I've done is taken the exact steps you need to build a 2 Page website now & start earning from it, and I have laid it all out for you in a simple system to follow. 

Every step is carefully explained. Nothing is left to your imagination to guess how to put it all together or which tools to use. 

But you don't have to take my word for it - here's what experts from around the world have to say:

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John Doe

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover Inside This Proven System:

  • How to set up a very simple 2 Page website & automate it such that it sells, collects payment and pays you regularly. Usually it takes about 7 days to finish up this set up if you are very busy or doing it in your spare time.   

  • How to quickly and easily find digital products that customers really want that you can sell on your 2 page website (You'll get examples of 14 products that are selling like crazy right now on the Web.) See Module 2. 

  • My 6 Step formula for knowing exactly who is most likely going to buy from you, and how to sell to them and convince them to buy - so you can focus on just them 

  • My  power formula for putting together a "killer" sales pitch. Pretty pictures and graphics alone won't cut it - that's why you need these little discussed (and seldom taught) secrets to mastering the art of web copywriting. (Discover the techniques I use to get 1 out of every 32 web visitors to buy.) 

  • Why you should forget everything almost every "guru" or Internet Marketing "expert" tells you, because it is secretly keeping you from making any sale online. 

  • How to make even the most reluctant and skeptical website visitor practically beg you to take their money. 

Just a few of the tips will help me add millions of naira to my bottom line the minute I put them to use...

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John Doe
  • The no hassle way to set up your entire web site on autopilot. You can have credit card cards processed, orders fulfilled and money go right into your bank account immediately while you sleep or play around.  


  • How to get buyers with money in hand on the internet for FREE, most of my sales come from free organic traffic. I will show you how i do it so you can copy my method 


  • How to make a godfather offer that will attract & close leads – easily.

  • The 4 elements that need to be included in your offer or you’re almost guaranteed a failure.


  • The best place to register your own domain and how to come up with the best domain names that aren’t taken – yes, there are still lots of good ones left! Page 43

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John Doe
  • Why you should be happy to see lots of competition selling similar information products

  • The hidden psychological ‘trigger’ that makes visitors compelled to whip out their credit cards. 


  • 3 simple ways to test your web copy before posting it on your site. Skip these and you’re probably only making a small percentage of sales you could be making. 

  • What you should say (and definitely not say) in the subject line of your email to make sure it gets opened instead of trashed. 


  • How to create a winning order form that makes the sale. Studies have shown that a majority of all shopping carts on websites are abandoned before completing the sale. Find out how to avoid this mistake. 


  • How to instantly (and automatically) suck money out of visitors who have LEFT your site who didn’t buy anything. 

  • The simple little secret that increased my opt-in sign-ups by 500%. (You can start this the very minute you receive the package.)


  • Little-known secrets to generating ecstatic customers, glowing testimonials and even more sales — automatically. 


  • How to calculate your web site’s critical numbers and why you need these to “roll out” big time. 

  • Where to get thousands of qualified visitors for only pennies. 


  • And much, much more…

You could study tons of Internet courses and books and still never uncover these proven real-world techniques to generate a significant income on the Internet.

What Happens When Ordinary People Apply My Proven Online Money Making Secrets?

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John Doe

If What I Say is Really True And I Can Show You How You Could Make $400.00, $700.00, $1,000.00 (Or More) Each and Every month using a simple 2 page website – How Much Should I Charge You For This System? 

I was told that maybe I should put on an intensive 4-day training session and charge people several thousand dollars to attend (fact is, I have been a guest speaker at several events because of my online success and attendees have paid $50 to $250 just to hear me for 1 hour). 


But the problem with that is it requires me to be there — and that’s really not for me right now – so I’ve decided to do the next best thing.


What I’ve done is compiled absolutely everything I know and poured it into a massive 7 hours+ home study course.


I figure a bare minimum of 50 man-hours went into originally creating, testing and tweaking the material you’ll find inside the “xxxxxxx” system. And that doesn’t even count the thousands of dollars I spent learning and testing everything i have shared with you in this program.


So if you calculate 50 hours at my current rate of $350 per hour for consulting you are getting $17,500.00 in value. 


But I’m not going to charge anywhere close to that because I want anyone who is serious and earnest about creating an automatic money making web site to be able to afford my program. That’s why the entire “xxxxx” system is only $66.7 to have it delivered right to your front door. 


Any way you look at it you’ve got a great deal waiting for you. But even though your investment would be well worth every penny just as it is – I still want to make it even easier to say ‘Yes’ by throwing in five more incredible bonuses if you act before the deadline. Take a look at what I’ve got lined up for you

$1,246.00 in Free Bonuses Guaranteed  When You Order Before Next Week Monday

If you order before next Monday, I’ll also guarantee you’ll get these five amazing bonuses worth nearly triple the price of the entire system. Here’s what you get

Free Bonus #1:
Four Jam-Packed Video Training (a $149.00/ N107,280 value)

Tape #1: “Step-by-Step Digital Profits”
This is a 30 Minutes+ Video training that shows you how to make money FAST on the internet

Free Bonus #2:
Personal Website Critique (a $500.00 value) 

As you can guess, these days I’d much rather be out having fun than taking on clients or consulting so this bonus will definitely be the first one to get scrapped off. But if you grab this package in time, you’ll get my absolute best advice on how to improve the selling power of your web site. 

Let me tell you this is not some cursory 2 paragraph critique with comments like “change the colors”. Not at all because I will actually go through your entire site and go through each and every section with a fine-toothed comb to tell what’s good, what’s bad and what really stinks. I won’t pet you and I won’t give you a “hurried” response – each one is personalized. 

In fact, here are 2 totally unsolicited testimonials about this bonus

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John Doe
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John Doe

Free Bonus #3:
Community- “work and network with like minded people like you ‘” (a $99.00 Value)

Everyone doesn’t learn at the same pace; some learn fast & some others take a little bit of time. We understand this – so we have put together a community to make sure NOBODY is left behind. 


Which means no matter what, this ensures you get results and actually start making money with all the secrets i will share with you. 


I will give you access to a special group of others like you, where you can ask your questions and also get help when need be. 


Free Bonus #4:
Diskette: Every Template and Letter I Use (a $299.00 Value) 

When your package arrives you’ll also get a file with every template I use for setting up all my online marketing so you can model it for your own purposes. 

Free Bonus #5:
Membership to the Instant Internet Profit Vault (a $199.00 Value)

Plus, you’ll also receive a membership to the xxxx Vault with continual updates on new strategies, tips, case studies and insider information into what’s working now. 

You’ll get access to this online member’s only area as soon as you order by creating your own username and password. You’ll immediately get access to a wealth of introductory material to get you ready for the main course to arrive. Plus, you’ll also get all the newest discoveries and strategies I’m using. 

Here’s one example: once inside check out the case study of “How I grew my Twitter Followers from 235 followers to 60k+ followers in 2 short months”. I’ve never revealed all the step-by-step details before and you’ll love it! Plus, this also shows how I managed to create a viral marketing explosion that took the Internet by storm.

There you have it. Is that a great package or what?

Right now you’ve got everything you need to join the ranks of successful Internet entrepreneurs that are making a killing online – but wait there’s still one more thing you can count on

Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m 100% sure that what you’ll discover inside of this guide is worth thousands of dollars.

But since this might be the first time you are buying from me, I have decided to take the risks from your shoulders and give you full 30 days money back guarantee refund policy.

If, after going through “xxxxxxxx” program you don’t believe it is everything I say it is, if you aren’t positively thrilled with all the money making potential it has for you, if it doesn’t give several sleepless nights or if you’re dissatisfied in any way simply return it for a 100% money back refund within one full year and I’ll buy it back. 

That means you get 12 full months to “test drive” the system and if you ever do want a refund it’s on its way – no hassles. Plus you can still keep all the free bonuses (worth over $1,100.00) just for trying it out. Why would I make such a lopsided guarantee in your favor? 

Well, the truth is I’m not really worried about refunds because I’ve seen how powerful these tactics have been in my own business (and for my students as well). In fact, once you get your hands on this information and see the incredible potential, you’d have to be almost insane to return it like this member: 

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John Doe

Grab your access while this guide is still dirty cheap and this secret system is only in the hands of a select few...

All it takes to get instant access today is only…



The Hush-Hush 'Secret' of Super Successful Internet Marketers

Studies have shown an important fact about the achievements of most successful people. They had a mentor - someone who took them under their wing and showed them the ropes. If you're looking for books (or ebooks or online courses) on making money on the Internet you definitely won't find a shortage of them. But if you're looking for guidance from someone who has actually done it and is willing to share everything with you - I doubt you'll find many qualified candidates.

A good blueprint (like the one you'll receive on module 3) would have saved me tons of mistakes and been absolutely priceless. In fact, my goal when creating this system was to put together everything I wished I could have had when I first started. 

Listen, there's something else I need to mention and please don't take it the wrong way.  

To me, financially it doesn't matter if you invest in this course or not, because my first web site along with the half-dozen others I've set up since then will continue providing me with a high 6-figure income. My office expenses are nearly all fixed and I really don't have much to worry about. 

In fact, your decision to get started won't affect my lifestyle one way or another - I'll still wake and work whenever i want, hang out with friends, bet over PS4 games with them and generally keep having a good time but I guarantee it will affect yours. With XXX, you will finally have all the secrets you need to create your own fortune online. I know that's hard to believe - but what if I'm right?

The real questions you've got to ask yourself are these: Are you really serious about creating an Internet business that works on autopilot? Do you really have what it takes to start earning more money and really enjoy doing it? 

This may come as a shock - but most people truthfully cannot answer 'Yes' to these questions. Oh sure, they want to think they can - but the truth is they'd much rather come home and put themselves in front of the TV or surf the web continuing to wish their lives could change.

But I don't think you're like that. Since you've read this far - I think you're ready to join the real players on the Internet and start creating your own online success story. Go ahead. You've got nothing to lose - you owe it to yourself (and your future) to take advantage of my generous "better-than-risk-free" offer.

Look, if you're truly serious about finding a way to make an incredible living working just a few hours a day using the Internet there really is no substitute for this step-by-step system.

Click the "Buy Button" to get the system delivered to you. There's absolutely no way you can lose out - unless you decide to "think it over". But frankly, this shouldn't even be something you need to think about because I don't know one single person who has made money by taking a pass when opportunity knocks. Do you?

Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.


P.S. Due to my extensive time commitments and multiple projects I'm working on, this offer could be pulled anytime and added to part of my other more expensive training. Don't delay, to get your $1,246.00 in free bonuses (including the personalized web site critique directly with me) 

P.P.S. Remember, unless you decide to do something to change your future you can only expect to keep getting the same results from your life. Don't kick yourself later when you realize you've missed out on the greatest opportunity for the "Average Joe" to build a fortune on the Internet.

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