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This is One of My Digital Real Estates Where I Sell a Software

I launched this in March 2023 with my Business Partner & Mentor Missan Morrison

Here is The Type of Income That Simple Digital Real Estate Made Me…

This is a N360,000+ ($452) Income on one product

This is over 1.2 Million naira made in 3 Days

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''These Digital Real Estates Make Me More Money in a Week Than Most People Will Make Working in One Year…''

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This is Daily Income from Stripe (Stripe is an International Payment Platform just Like Paystack & Flutterwave)

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At Today's exchange rate; Do the Maths)

And all of this funds are deposited into my account automatically from my membership site while I'm sleeping, working on other projects or just hanging out (note that these amounts are gross sales but I still take home a VERY healthy profit margin)

I'm not showing you these pictures to impress you. Far from it. I'm showing you to motivate you and tell you how beautiful it is to be an Internet CEO..


From The Desk of Czar Nonso Stanley Nnamani
coFounder & CEO
Lagos, Nigeria

August 2023

Dear Friend,

If you would like to discover how to make an insane amount of money running your own Internet based Digital Real Estate, this is the most important website you will ever visit.

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Right now, I have put together an exclusive mentorship program - where I will personally reveal to a selected few Africans my jealously guarded secrets of running a hugely profitable digital real estate.

I will teach them all I've learnt and done in over EIGHT years of digital real estate investment

Who Am I & Why Should you Listen to Me?

My name is Mr. Czar Nonso Stanley Nnamani. I started doing Digital real estate investments in 2014. I have set up over 100 digital real estates in the process. Many of them have been outright failures. Some have been average and others have been wildly successful.

I am the coFounder & CEO of which is currently one of the top ‘’make money online’’ websites in Africa - we are currently in 7 African countries, with Over 100,000 active users as of the time i am writing this.

My success building digital real estates has given me the ability to live the kind of life I want, working most of the time from my Lagos home.

Today, I go on holidays when I want and I can afford to visit anywhere in the world and stay in the best hotels there is.

..and all while doing not more than 40 Minutes of work daily - and spending the rest of my day playing PS4 or doing some other fun stuff.

And Even Though I Don’t Work Half As Hard as Most People With a Full Time Job

I am NOT smarter or more hard working than you are, I just know some very potent secrets on how to make money on the internet & I'll drop all of them on your laps; Inside...

My step by step Mentorship Program

The Digital Real Estate Academy

I’ll put you inside my ‘’Digital Real Estate Academy’’ & using my 8 Years experience i will personally mentor & coach you till you make your first ONE million naira (or $1,200)

So, what exactly will I be revealing to you inside the Real Estate Academy? Here are some of them.

Inside You Will Discover…

That is just the beginning...

WAIT! There is still more...

Hold On, I am Not Even Done Yet

You see, there are 3 Important things that you need in order to build a Digital Real Estate & start making good money from it like I do;

You need:

Now; what if I give you all these THREE things. Already done. Ready for you to Copy & paste.

I Will Give You Affiliate Access to Sell My Hot-Selling Product for a 50% Commission

I Will Give You an Already Built Membership Website Plus Video Instructions on How to Copy & Install It

Then I’ll Hand You an Already Made Sales Copy Guaranteed to Bring You (At Least) N157,000 in Sales a Month

And lots more that I cannot reveal here. I will be revealing everything to the few people that will be allowed to join Digital Real Estate Academy.

Special Bonus For Joining Digital Real Estate Academy Today

Super Exclusive Bonus 1: Complete Membership website critique

When you set up your own membership website, I will take a look and show you what you are doing right and wrong so you can make corrections. This is important before you start spending time and money advertising. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Super Exclusive Bonuses 2: Access to my fellow Internet marketing buddies

Let me tell you this. Having access to those that know what you want to know is the easiest way to learn that thing. I have an underground group of friends that can be termed as Internet marketing wizards. I will swing the doors open so you can access them and network with them.

Super Exclusive Bonuses 3: Full Resale Rights to All My Ebooks

I will give you complete unhindered 100% resell rights to 5 of my already written eBooks that you can sell on your membership website. These are the exact information products that made me my first one million online, so they are proven to sell. I will hand over all of them for you, you sell & keep all the profit yourself.

So How Much should I Charge for the Digital Real Estate Academy?

Or should I rather say how much do you think it's worth?

Considering you will be learning from me closely, and I am a very busy man - so taking on too many people to manage inside my channel will be stressful for me...which means: .

Just a Few People will be admitted so my team and I will have the chance to Interact Better with you & Not have a Rowdy Mentorship Group..

I Will be Showing you the Inner Workings of my own Digital Real Estates

We will not be talking theories at all. We will be talking about strategies I'm currently using that you can use right away. …

And of course I will be giving you those fantastic bonuses.

In all honesty, you will agree with me that this academy should be priced at N250,000 .

I saw some silly looking adverts promoting some worthless seminars for that price and people actually paid for them. I am also not the fake it till you make it crowd - I have already built real digital real estates online in the past 8 years & know how it is done with my eyes closed.

So Should I Price my Digital Real Estate Academy at ₦250,000.00?

Well, I will say NO even though it is more valuable than that.

What about ₦200,000.00? That is still too high for many people..

How about ₦100,000.00? That sounds good but I still want to come down for those that can't raise much cash.

₦75,000.00? Nope

₦50,000.00? Nope

You will only have to pay just ₦30,000 to be a part of this Academy but that is if you hurry because thousands of people are reading this and only a few spots are available.

Once we get to the name we cannot handle anymore, we will either increase the price or stop selling access.

The question is: Will You Be Amongst the Lucky Few?.

Here is How to Join The Digital Real Estate Academy

It Used to Cost $62 (₦50,000)...

But You Can Get into the ''Digital Real Estate Academy'' Today At…

$50 (₦30,000)

Until I Take it Back to The Original Price


This is a Mentorship That Will Save You Months of Time and Avoid Costly Mistakes

I wish this kind of mentorship, from an expert was around when I was starting out. At this price. It would have saved me many long nights of frustration trying to figure it out on my own!

I had to learn everything by "trial and error" ... but you don't!.

With the mentorship & video tutorials that come with this offer...

You can save yourself months of time! Why spend the next weeks and months trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get things going online, when you can have a detailed, step-by-step training course walk you through it all from beginning to ending, in logical steps?

You can avoid costly mistakes! Why risk making mistakes that force you to start all over again (or worse yet, spend more money!) when you can have an expert who has done this dozens of times show you how to get it done right the first time?

You can watch instead of read! Why read another ebook that "tells" you how to do it -- and then you've still got to figure out how to do what you've been told! -- when you can watch someone show you exactly how to take action and get your business up and running today?

You can learn at your own pace! With these videos you can pause them, rewind them, fast forward them, jump to whatever step you want, anytime you want! It really is the ultimate way to learn.

It Used to Cost $62 (₦50,000)...

But You Can Get into the ''Digital Real Estate Academy'' Today At…

$50 (₦30,000)

Until I Take it Back to The Original Price.


Do I Deliver? What do People Think About Me?

Check This Out

Here's the thing: I have done this for years, I know what works and what doesn’t. If you are going to learn online, You might as well learn it from the right person, right from the beginning.

This mentorship is the quickest, easiest way that I know of to get your new Digital Real Estate Academy setup. .

Alright, let's conclude this..It is my sincere desire to help you achieve your fondest Internet dreams. Unfortunately, I won't be able to help a lot of people because of the level of work involved on my part. Make sure you act now to be a part of this.
All the best.

All the best..


P.S: Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask the person that referred you to this page. Also; if you are not someone who is serious about doing what it takes to get out of poverty - please don’t buy. Leave here.

P.S.S: Also If after reading this, seeing all the results I get and if after following my emails & you still have doubts that this mentorship will change your story - then you are not a serious person. Goodbye



Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this Program

Who is this Mentorship for?
This short reports cash course is not for everyone. It is only for people who won't waste my time. It is for people who are determined to start an online business that will improve their finances and are ready to work on it. It does not matter if you are a student, unemployed or want a side hustle

How Am I Sure This is not a Scam
If after googling me, following my free report and seeing all the proof you, seeing all the proof on this page, and you still think this is a scam - leave my blog I cannot help you & have a great day too.

How Much Extra do I Need to Start the Business
It depends on you, if you want to start slow you can start with $0 but if you want fast results then you need anywhere from $10 for a simple Facebook ad.

What if I need someone to help with it?
That is why it is called a step by step mentorship program. Asides the training videos you'd get - I and my team will be answer your question, guide you weekly on live calls and push you till you hit your first 1M Naira ($1,200)

How Soon Can I Start Seeing Results?
It depends on you, honestly; I have seen people who start getting results the next day and I have seen others it took one month - however, if you do what I say you will be fine.

What do I get in the mentorship?
You get Videos training, pdf materials, Weekly Q&A with my team - and close mentorship from I and my team till you start making money online)

Have More Question?
Send me a tweet, let me know what question you have and I'll update this page with it. Here is my Twitter (x) handle: @mrczarr



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