How To Make Real Money on The Internet Right Here In Africa V [Part 1 of 6]

Dear Friend,


If you have been wondering how you can make money on the Internet so you can fire your boss & improve your life…


This Is The Most Important Blog Post You Will Ever Read!


Here’s why…


You see, for many years now, I have been building little websites on the internet called – Digital Real Estates (or websites that send consistent income to my bank account) and I have been teaching other people how to do it as well. Thankfully, many of them now make steady income from their own Digital Real Estates just because they decided to listen to me and to practice what I taught them.


What I’m about to reveal to you for FREE, is what I have been charging big money for over the years. Right here on this blog for the world to read, I am going to take you by the hand and lay out, step by step, how you can make good money using ”Digital Real Estates”


Are you ready? Let’s roll.


Before you can start making money online, there is one vital question you need to ask. Not only that, you need to find an answer to it. This is like your foundation to making money online with Digital Real Estates. Miss this and that is the end of your Internet dreams. If you do not reckon with it, you will discover that you will only be chasing pipe dreams all over the Internet.


Here is the question.


Where Is The Money on The Internet and How is it Being Made?


Simple question no doubt, but like I said, if you don’t know the answer to it, forget about making money USING Digital Real Estate. The good news here is that I am going to answer the question for you.


Listen up. If you want to make money online, you have to sell something online!




End of story.



I don’t care the type of Internet business model you follow, the truth of the matter is that you cannot make money online if you do not sell something online. If you hear that there is someone making money online somewhere, what that simply means is that person is selling something online.


The money being made online is the money people pay for products and services. It’s not really different from the “real world” business. Offer something that people want to buy and they will cover you with their money. The only difference is that you don’t need to open a brick and mortar shop to get started. Sometimes, a simple Digital real estate like a website or blog is all you need to get started.


We will get to that later.


Let me repeat my earlier assertion.


You cannot make money online if you do not sell something online. If you hear that there is someone making money online somewhere, what that simply means is that person is selling something online.


Let me see if I can prove it.


Let us take a look at some hugely profitable Internet businesses out there to see if I’m right with my claim or not. We are going to take a look at the following Internet businesses.

  4. Doggles 
  5. (which is a company i own with my coFounder)


All these websites are Digital Real Estates because they send ”regular income” to their owners. Let us leave it at just ten examples because of space and time. Besides, if you need more than ten examples, I think you should go elsewhere.




Let’s examine these ten profitable Digital Real Estates one after the other.



Amazon is a very profitable business. They are the biggest online booksellers. They did not stop at selling books. You can buy gift items, electronics, CDs and even groceries on Amazon. The money they make is from the sales of the products on display on their website.



Google is the largest Internet search portal and they are very profitable. What do they sell? When you carry out a search on google, you will notice that most times, there will be two different sets of results. The ones at the top & the ones at the bottom that are tagged ‘’sponsored’’. 


Those ones on the bottom are adverts placed there by other website owners and they pay per click, sometimes as high as $1 per click. It is a huge money maker for Google. They are selling targeted advertising to other website owners and they get paid handsomely for it.



We all know facebook so no stories. Take a look at the ads on the right hand side or the sponsored posts on your News feed. The model works like Google. Selling ad spaces on pay per click basis.



I like this website. They made Three Million Dollars last year selling… wait for it… sun-shades dogs can wear to the beach! Now that’s one crazy niche market but don’t forget the lesson. They sell.



This is my own website that I run with my coFounder. We have over 180,000 users as of the time I am writing this and we pay them over 40 million naira monthly…all they do is sell online courses. They get paid & we charge platform fees when we pay them. This way they make millions, I make millions too. 



…again, Instagram makes money just like google, and facebook. Business owners give Facebook money to run that ads for you – They show you (the user) ads and when you click on it or buy from it – Instagram makes money. This is called ‘’The Pay Per Click’’ model. The businesses pay  



Another very popular social networking site. Not as popular as facebook (in terms of usage) but its popularity and membership increases by the day. How do they make money? They have a paid option for membership. The privileges of the free member are limited. When you pay money, you are able to access all the features of the website.



Jumia is an e-commerce business that sells physical goods. Do you know what? Jumia makes money per sale that happen on their platform (just like we do with my Startup They are selling a service to people that want to buy physical goods online and they make a lot of money.. Millions of dollars!



They are the largest domain registrars. Do you know what a domain name is? The name of this website is called I had to buy the name from a registrar. GoDaddy is one of such registrars and they make truck loads of cash.


  1. is an online shop currently based in Henderson, Nevada, USA. In 2022, their revenue was USD $974M. Did you read that well? That is nearly 1 Billion dollars. With a “B”. How do they make money? They sell. What do they sell? Shoes! Check it out yourself.


Here is the lesson: If you want to make money online or with a Digital Real Estate; sell something online. Anyone making money online is selling something online. If you don’t sell online, you can’t make money online.




I’ll rest my fingers for today. I will continue from here tomorrow (or whenever I’m in the mood); if I send you an email tomorrow it will most likely be by 6PM tomorrow. So set your alarm and check your email then. Click here to Join my Digital Real Estate Academy & get a Fully Built Digital Real Estate FREE (When you Join the Academy) 

Your Friend,

Czar Nnamani
AKA Mr. Nice Guy

PS: Have I opened your eyes to how money is being made online & what a Digital Real Estate means? I hope I have. If I did not, it’s not because I have not revealed something powerful. It simply means…

You Are Beyond All Hope!


P.S.S: Now is a good time for you to google me. Type in Czar Nnamani on Google and hit enter.

P.S.S.S: Years ago, I told Mike Leo the exact same thing I just told you now, he listened, he built a Digital Real estate selling ONE PRODUCT & made $20,000 in sales (do the maths at today’s current exchange rate). Click here to Join my Academy & Join others who are learning how to build a Digital Real Estate



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