How To Make Real Money on The Internet Right Here In Africa V (Part 2 of 6)

Dear Friend,


It’s time to continue the blog post we started yesterday.


I’m in the mood to teach you how to make a lot of cash building Digital Real Estate on the Internet. If you listen to me and apply what I teach, you will be smiling to the bank in record time… Guaranteed!


That Is A Promise




I made a very important point to you in the first part of this article. I told you that the only way to make money online or with a Digital Real estate is by selling something. I listed 10 money making Digital Real Estates (regular money making websites) as my case studies. Click here to See How to Build a Digital Real Estate & even get one FULLY BUILT one – FREE (When you Register for my Digital Real Estate Academy) 


However, I got an email yesterday from a reader trying to debunk my claim. For the sake of this article, let’s call him Mr Blockhead. He wrote something along these lines…


Hi Czar,

I liked your write up on how to make money online with a digital real estate, but I disagree with you on the statement you made that you must sell online to make money online.

Even though you made some excellent points, not all sites have to sell. Some people don’t like to sell (like me). We can make money as well.

Twitter & Binance don’t sell and they are a successful and popular website

Wikipedia don’t sell and they are a successful and popular website

Get your facts right before you make claims.

Thank you.

Mr Blockhead.


Do you agree with Mr Blockhead or not? I did not bother to reply to him but on second thought, I’m sure there are others who think like him so I’m going to reply here (and then use my reply to teach you something important).


My dear Mr Blockhead,

Thank you for your message but you are wrong.


I agree that Wikepedia don’t sell and they are very popular (By the way; Twitter was not profitable & that is why Elon started to sell Verification badges). What you failed to note, maybe because you were not paying attention or you were feeling too smart, is that I did not for once say that you have to sell to have a popular website.


What I said and what I’m saying is that you have to sell to have a profitable website. There is a difference between…


A Popular Website and A Profitable Website! 


I was talking about profitable websites.


Twitter is NOT a profitable website. Yes, it is hugely popular. No questions. Point is the former owners were losing money year after year to sustain it. They sold it to Elon Musk & he is now trying to make it profitable by SELLING advert spaces & verification badges.


That was what the former owners of YouTube did too. They lost money for years, sold it to Google. Google now uses it for SELLING their advertising program.


Wikipedia don’t make money as well. When the owner of Wikepedia, Jimmy Wales, needed money to run the site and some other projects, he had to beg the visitors to the website to donate money. Did you read that?


He begged people to donate money. The site is not a profitable website. My platform is profitable because we sell stuff, but we are not even half as big or popular as Wikipedia! You can build a small Digital Real estate that is NOT popular, but can make you millions. 


So Mr Blockhead, next time, I won’t be so gracious to respond to such questions in detail.

Your Teacher,
Mr. Czar


I believe that with my reply, we should all come to the conclusion that making money online is all about selling online.




The next questions should be

  1. What should you sell on your Digital Real estate?
  2. How will you set it up your Digital Real estate?
  3. How will you attract those that will buy from your Digital Real estate?


I Explained all of this Inside my Digital Real Estate Academy. Click here for Details 


Your Friend,

Mr. Czar
AKA The Don
AKA No BlockHeads Allowed


PS: I love to write nice little PS at the end of all my articles but I can’t seem to come up with one today. You dey vex because I didn’t go easy on Mr.Blockhead or because I called him a blockhead?


Hug A Transformer!


If you see the point & wish to learn all that it is to learn – my next email will drop by 6PM tomorrow. 




P.S.S – My blog post tomorrow is very important.
I’ll be answering some of these questions:

  1. What should you sell online?
  2. How will you set it up online?
  3. How will you attract those that will buy your stuff online?



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