How To Make Real Money on The Internet Right Here In Africa (Part 4 of 6)

Dear Friend,


Very few people in Nigeria know as much as I do when it comes to Digital Real Estate Investment. That is a fact. How did I know? Simple.


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Talking about facts. Here are some interesting ones for you.


Babies crawl an average of 200M a day.


There are more chickens than people in the world.


A cockroach will live nine days without its head, before it starves to death.


The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.


The pig cannot look up into the sky


No one can lick their elbow


Human teeth are almost as hard as rocks.


In most advertisements, including newspapers, the time displayed on a watch is 10:10


The average person laughs 15 times a day.


You blink over 20,000,000 times a year.


What has these facts got to do with making money online with a Digital Real Estate? The truth is…


I Do Not Know


I just feel like messing around a bit before I get started.


Okies Okies. Let’s get serious.


I ended my last letter by telling you that you should start your Internet marketing “career” by selling information products on a Digital Real Estate. To some people, this has raised even more questions.

What are information products?


Why should I sell information products?


How will I create them?


Can it make me good money?


How will I sell them?


Calm down. I’m a very nice, caring and generous person so I will answer all the questions raised. I’ve been doing that for years and I’m not about to stop. So here are the answers.


What are Digital Real Estates?

To understand them. Think of houses. If a Landlord builds 4 flats. And he charges 1.4M naira from each flat a year. That house would make 5.6 Million in one year.

A simple Digital Real Estate is a website that can make exactly the same amount – easily. 


Here is how: Let’s say your own Digital Real Estates. And let’s also say you charge people $17 a month to join. It is a fair fee. Some charge as high as $99 for theirs. 


…if you follow all the instruction i’ll show you, and you manage to have 500 paid users join your Digital Real Estate (which is 100% feasible – i have done it, and can show you how)


That is $17 x 500 = $8,500 per month (which is exactly ₦6.1M a month in revenue)

See? Just exactly what that house makes in a year! 


What are information products?

It is what you’d sell INSIDE your Digital Real Estate that will make that ₦6.1M a month in revenue. 


Information products are materials that teach others how to do something. Let’s assume you know how to make women have earth shattering orgasms, you can write it down step by step to sell. That is an information product. It could be in the form of a printed manual, downloadable ebook, video, audio etc. It’s up to you.


I once wrote an information product on how to Land a pretty girlfriend. It sold quite well. In fact, it sold thousands of copies…bought my first car…and helped me move out of my parent’s house at 23.


Take a look at That is a Digital Real Estate selling information products.


Why should I sell information products on my Digital Real Estate?


Because you can start today and set up your business by noon tomorrow & in 3 months already start making as much as your landlord makes from his entire building. 


If you say you want to set up a “grand” Internet based digital real estate like paypal, google etc, then you will have to wait for weeks or months before you can start because it will require a lot of programming and time to get it right.


Rather than wait for such a long time that can get you bored and discouraged, why don’t you start with something less tasking? Start making money right away. From there, you’ll get more experienced and more determined to go for bigger projects.


How will I create Digital Real Estate?


Easy. Just pick up a pen and paper and write down what you know. If you don’t know what to write, interview an expert and record it. Better still, organize a small, free seminar. Get an expert to speak. Record it. Your videos become your information product, upload on your Digital Real Estate and start selling them.


Think of a topic people will WANT to learn. Not necessarily what they NEED to learn.




Can a Digital Real Estate Selling an Information Product make me good money?




I want you to think about this. If you have an information product priced at N10,000 and you sell just 100 copies, you have just made One Million Naira. I don’t know how much you earn currently but I know that making an extra One Million Naira per month…


It Is Not Bad At All


I’ve made money over and over with information products and I will continue to do so as long as I live. It’s a mega industry and you can cut your own slice starting right away.


How will I sell my Information Products?


Simple. After creating the product, do the following.


Create a Digital Real Estate for it


Write a sales copy


Get traffic


Build a list of likely buyers. 


Follow up on your list.




I know this is where most people will start dozing off. Doing business online is beginning to look like hard work. Yes, it is hard work. It’s not for lazy layabout losers. Because a lot of people don’t want to work, they drop out at this stage and start looking for some nonsense like Ponzi Scheme, Online Surveys, how to make millions from magic & thin air;  etc. If that is what you are looking for, please…


Leave My Blog Right Away.


If you’re ready to work, follow me like twitter.




Let’s go over the points I raised.


Create a Digital Real Estate for it

Start by registering a domain name for your Digital Real Estate. If your information product is about how to get a job in Afghanistan, register a name like or something similar.


Go to for your domain. It costs less than $10 a year.


Then get a web host. Web hosting is the service that will help you put your Digital Real Estate (Money making website) online in cyberspace. Try  (they have a limited Free account) 


Design your Digital Real Estate. You can easily design one for free on 


I’ll stop here for today but not without giving you ONE assignment. Create a FREE account on systeme: this will be where you’d build your FIRST Digital Real Estate; Click Here to create the account

If you don’t do these things, we have to come to the conclusion that you are not interested in doing business online or you are indeed…

Beyond All Hope


Your Friend,

Mr. Czar
AKA The Guru

PS: Once you close this page CREATE that account. Only action takers get rich. Blockheads are too lazy to do even the smallest things! This is why they never get ahead. You are an action taker, my friend – so take action!



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  1. Paul comfort Avatar
    Paul comfort

    I have been reading,I have not really understand how to start

    1. google tech Avatar
      google tech

      just keep reading it’s a series.

  2. Keren Avatar

    Thanks for being so open to us.

    Now, with your level of exposure and intelligence, you will agree with me that not everyone can easily put some write up together to teach others what they know, or call for an expert and interview him or her and use the results as a teaching material, or have some tutorials for people and use the recodings as the teaching material.

    Even identifying the right resource person for an interview and asking him the right question to arrive at a very good content won’t also be that easy for some of us. I also agree that we can learn to do all these things and then have the skills to do it easily, but before that, are there already prepared training materials you can recommend so that some of us can start selling those one on our digital real estate?

    1. Mr Czar Avatar
      Mr Czar

      Yes; we will give you one when you sign up for the upcoming training on day 5

  3. Divine Avatar

    I will love to make money

  4. Bulus Ishaya Atang Avatar
    Bulus Ishaya Atang

    Waw! Just waw, I’ve creat my free account, and I’ve watched some of the videos, it was facinating!
    I’m a billionaire already!!
    Thank you sir!!


    Thank you sir, for this offer. But I can’t creat an account now because of finacial problem. Am still interested on the matter.

    1. Mr Czar Avatar
      Mr Czar

      something that is free

  6. Ozioma Ruth Avatar
    Ozioma Ruth

    I have created my account successfully, what is the next thing to do?
    Am enjoying the class already

  7. Reuben Mbiti Avatar
    Reuben Mbiti

    Awesome presentation

  8. Veronica Asem Avatar
    Veronica Asem

    Thank you for all you have .deliveredt to us. I agree with others that you are good at what you do. .I have opened the systeme free account

  9. Timothy Avatar

    Pls what does it takes to create an account?

  10. Bem Florence Mwuese Avatar
    Bem Florence Mwuese

    Please let me know the cost of creating an account and how to maintain it. Thanks you are a real motivational speaker it’s becoming more and more interesting.

  11. Ntah Alain Avatar
    Ntah Alain

    Wow I just created my account

  12. Kosisochukwu Avatar

    This is so amazing 👏 and enlightening.

    Thank you so much Mr. CZAR
    I can’t wait to be part of your mentorship program

  13. Nurudeen Mudathir OLAWALE Avatar
    Nurudeen Mudathir OLAWALE

    Thanks for the opportunity, account created but don’t want to go further because am new to online action it asked me to fill profile, should I do or wait for the next instructions.
    Once again you are a boss thank you for the gesture

  14. Okudu Kelvin Avatar
    Okudu Kelvin

    This is great! I felt like I was been played a video of how all these works

  15. Beauty Gideon Avatar

    Thank you for the information but is there a way you can put these teachings in a video format for easy understanding and assimilation. I really want to make money online

  16. Ndukwe Chukwuma Avatar
    Ndukwe Chukwuma

    Wow!! I just created my account.Yiu are such a talented mentor.I have been following attentively

  17. Bashar Musa Argungu Avatar
    Bashar Musa Argungu

    Awesome! God willing, we will do as you have directed. Thank you so much for the information and God bless

  18. Jane Avatar

    Thank you very much for the presentation I already have an account with sister me and I have a domain name with whogohost so I look forward to working with you thank you sir

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