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First off Welcome & Congrats; you made it in – In the next few days I’ll teach you how to build something called Digital Real Estate


…and look, I envy you – because I wish someone had shared with me, years ago; the secrets that I am about to dump on your laps FOR FREE in the next Few days (or as long it will take me to teach you most of what I know) 


– I’ll be Showing You how to Generate Money at Will – Using a Digital Real Estate


Which means the emails you will read from me in the next 5 days or so will change your life in a really dramatic way. 


Why am I sure?


It is simply because everything I’ll show you was exactly what changed mine. 


…but first, let me tell you a bit of my story (if we will be together for the next 5 days it is only fair you know who i am) 


My name is Czar. I am the co-Founder & CEO of Stakecut.com & we are in over 7 African countries (feel free to google me after reading this blogpost) 


The week after, the bouncers’ of a popular man of God pushed me down to the floor (I went to ask for a business loan from the man of God & was blocking him from getting into his car)… it was the day that changed my life – forever. Because the shame of that incident made me realize that nobody can help me except myself. 


That Day I Stopped being a BlockHead

(…a blockhead is someone who can’t do what it takes to leave poverty)


In a few years I went from a broke graduate, earning 15,000 Naira as a school teacher to becoming CEO of a company (Digital Real Estate) that has paid over 200,000 Million naira to more than 50,000 Africans – using the secrets I’ll share with you in the next few days. 


After my experience – I believe anyone can legitimately & successfully avoid poverty if they do what I have done to change my own life. 


In fact what completely changed my life was just  One Simple Action that I took. I learnt how to build a Digital Real Estate!


The best part is that this simple action I took is in fact very easy to copy. When I learnt how to build a Digital Real Estate, I wished someone had told me about it earlier. 


But first – here is why i decided to share this ‘’secret’’ to the world now


There is a proverb in igbo that says – ‘’when you decide to change your life, your Chi agrees with you’’. That was what happened to me. Maybe that was why you saw the website that led you here.

Call it destiny or whatever, it happened to me too – 


It was a training like this one you just joined that changed my life, so take this very seriously. 


….if that ONE TRAINING could change my life, I decided that if i shared the same things i know just like the organizer of that event did; it will change lives of others – just like it did mine. 


Why Do I Want to Share This Information With You? 


…am I Santa Claus? Why am I being so nice trying to show you how to make money online? 


Am i a Mr. Nice guy?

Well…kinda…and Kinda Not. 


Here is The Real Reason Why I Want to Share This Information – 


Besides the fact I am a genuinely nice person – there is actually two selfish reason why i want to give you this information: 


The first reason is – at the end of the FREE training I’ll ask you to buy something. A Course. 


So the idea is to impress your socks off with my FREE training so that you see how good i am & then eventually get my course. 


…but whether you eventually decide to buy it, or you do not buy – I don’t really care. 


I won’t beg you…

I really don’t care (honestly). 


You know why? Because if you are thirsty nobody begs you to drink water. If you want what is in that course (God, it is damn good – i promise) i won’t need to pursue you. You will make that decision yourself.


Now We Have That Out of The Way – The Next Question You Have in Your Mind is: 

‘’What is Digital Real Estate & Does it Work?’’


First of all – A Digital Real Estate is a Website Built on the Internet that sends you REGULAR income. 


What I’ll show you in my emails in the next 5 days is NOT a ponzi scheme…or a get rich quick scheme…it is not ‘’bring one person to bring another person’’. It is not those CRAPPY ‘’make money online offers’’ online that don’t work & IT IS NOT the usual Affiliate marketing boocrap all over the place now.

You will see for yourself, during this free training; the basics of about how to build a Digital Real Estate. 


But if you are not the kind of person to keep an open mind to learn or you are a blockhead that like to say ‘’I hate to read long sturvs’’




Please, I Beg You in the Name of God – Leave This Blog Now & Unsubscribe From My Emails


…but if you want to learn from a master, who has actually made money online (real money online, not chicken change)…then read my emails as they come LINE BY LINE; i promise you that you will not regret it. 


I have taken the time to BREAK UP this report into bits – and have spread it over 5 days – so it won’t overwhelm you. 


So tomorrow we start properly.


But First – Here is what you need to do now: 


  1. White list my email address so all my emails land in your inbox. This way you do not miss any of the emails i’ll be sending you starting from tomorrow
  • a. First Go to AppStore or GooglePlay Store & download the G-mail App (if you don’t have it already on your phone)


  • Then go to my first email, the one you clicked to come to this page. The headline is ”[Welcome] Read This BlogPost FIRST” (Check your Spam Folder if it is NOT in your Inbox)


  • Open the e-Mail if it is in your spam folder, and click on ”Report not spam” 


  • Then Tap the the three dots in the upper right corner and click Mark important so that you get alerted when I drop a new email, and you are done! (See Gif Below to see a demo)

Once you do this, at 6PM tomorrow. I will send you a link to a new blog post titled ”How to Make Real Money on The Internet From Here in Africa (Part 1)” –

P.S: There is a comment button at the bottom of all my blog posts; have any questions or comments – use it.



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  1. Blessing Avatar

    Hello, Mr Czar,
    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Just want say that you’re amazing and have a heart to lift people from purverty ,…….. Looking forward to great things through this your program.

    God bless.

  2. Chimezie Nwaigwe Avatar
    Chimezie Nwaigwe

    Oh my goodness
    Thanks a lot
    I’m already a stakecut, but I have never made a sale before l love stakecut because it’s free I didn’t pay for it, after I bought the course from stanimat an Igbo man sold for me .

    1. Kingsley Victor Avatar

      Pls hw can I sign up on stake cut

      1. Okoroafor chinaza Avatar
        Okoroafor chinaza

        I don’t really read long post but reading this your own ehhhh as I go through it I see more reasons to keep reading thank you for this help you ve decided to help me dalu

  3. John Akwa Avatar
    John Akwa

    You are a rare gift to humanity. Continue the good work.

  4. Umenyi Vivian Avatar

    Am so much interested please help me poverty has eating me up

  5. Ojong Alice Agbor Avatar
    Ojong Alice Agbor

    Thanks for the opportunity given to me in this place, am really happy to be here, I promise I will be a good person.

  6. Michaela Murray Avatar
    Michaela Murray

    Good day dear am to you guys l do anything concerning the work you say.

  7. Michaela Murray Avatar
    Michaela Murray

    Am interested because poverty has eating me in Africa.

  8. Gerald chikezie Avatar
    Gerald chikezie

    Thanks,wish to be like you some day.

  9. Rex Avatar

    Greetings Sir.
    I’m overwhelmed with the magnificent presentation and patiently waiting to takeoff

  10. Mojisola Avatar

    Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to the take off.

  11. Jackson Avatar

    I can’t wait to sir very much interested

  12. Azinwi Charles Avatar
    Azinwi Charles

    Thank you for this kind initiative, patiently waiting to dive into the lesson proper. God bless you

  13. Brian Chibesa Avatar

    Thanks for this great opportunity very much delighted. Looking forward to know more.

  14. Brian Chibesa Avatar

    Thank you very much

  15. Brian Chibesa Avatar

    I will be greatful to learn,looking forward to see the lessons.

  16. Khavhandzhi Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity granted, I hope I will be better.

  17. Abdul barki Avatar
    Abdul barki

    Wish to be like you some days

  18. Olufunso Avatar

    I’ve read through and find all the information very interested and will like to go further to learn more. Thanks

  19. Amaboh Avatar

    Thanks for your kind gesture sir.

  20. Adeshina Avatar

    I will like to go further on this

  21. Ignatius Leakey Avatar
    Ignatius Leakey

    Looking forward to starting the training as soon as possible
    Thank you sir.

  22. Sonford C Kalasa Avatar
    Sonford C Kalasa

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.May the Lord bless you.

  23. Francis Kasaka Avatar
    Francis Kasaka

    Am interested

  24. Mindako Telson Avatar
    Mindako Telson

    Thank you for this opportunity

  25. Sharon yah Ngantar Avatar
    Sharon yah Ngantar

    Ok thanks for the opportunity

  26. Benard agbor Avatar
    Benard agbor

    Hope to be like you

  27. Benard agbor Avatar

    Hope to be like you one day

  28. Joshua Avatar

    Thanks for your time and willingness to pass the knowledge to others God bless you

  29. Kwesi Francis Avatar

    Am kwesi Francis from Accra Ghana

  30. olatimi bayonle Avatar
    olatimi bayonle

    I love it

  31. michael onyango Avatar
    michael onyango

    thnx for the lessons

    1. Solomon Avatar

      Thanks sir
      I really wanted to be like you

  32. Empress Stella Avatar

    Thank you for this opportunity

  33. Emmanuel Titus Avatar
    Emmanuel Titus

    Thank you so much for your generosity
    Please continue the good work!

  34. Asmau Avatar

    Thank you, God bless you

  35. Gabriel Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity

  36. Inwang ufia Avatar
    Inwang ufia

    Thanks for the opportunity

  37. Odegua celestine Avatar

    Thanks for this privilege for having to allowed me access to your platform which esteem no other but personal development and growth in the perimeter of my finances using real as a leverage. Once again, thank you.

  38. Sunday Stephen Avatar
    Sunday Stephen

    I hope to get and alot from this training.

    Waiting for it.

  39. Omali Joseph Avatar
    Omali Joseph

    Alright boss

  40. Charles Avatar

    I love the way you articulate your points. Am ready to work the journey.

  41. Nuel Avatar

    Can’t wait to draw some knowledge from you, sir. I’ll be honored.

  42. Dr Senay Avatar
    Dr Senay

    I am grateful and happy to join you.
    I am expecting and being ready for a giant leap

  43. Cletus Chitambala Avatar
    Cletus Chitambala

    It’s a blessing to have good people like you Sir, who are sacrificing their time in betterment for Africa and the world at large. GOD bless you.

  44. Abdul Salim Avatar
    Abdul Salim

    Thanks for this opportunity looking forward to learning more from you

  45. Ayelagbe Olufunso Alabi Avatar
    Ayelagbe Olufunso Alabi

    Thank so much for this great opportunity, I’m fully ready to study for turnarround and change of story in my life.

  46. Viola Kikwai Avatar
    Viola Kikwai

    Aug ,31 2023

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, looking forward for a great change.

  47. Jeremiah Avatar

    Thank you. Looking foward tp progress with you and learn

  48. Hashim Avatar

    Hello Sir
    And thank you for this opportunity.
    Looking forward to learning more from you.

  49. Aladro h Avatar
    Aladro h

    Not a bad idea, whatsoever.

  50. Marcel kpamegan Avatar

    Tanks so much for the opportunity you are giving me god bless you

  51. Gabriel Avatar

    Thanks for this opportunity

  52. Ignatius Avatar

    Thanks am looking forward to know more about this

  53. Blessed Evelyn Avatar

    Looking Forward To Learn More And Change My Life From Poverty.Eve

  54. Falae Olugbemiga Avatar
    Falae Olugbemiga

    Thanks for the information. I’m excited to be associated with you.

  55. Borsutzky Ray Chamutolo Avatar
    Borsutzky Ray Chamutolo

    Waiting to know.

  56. Joseph Avatar

    Many thanks. Pray this one works this time.

  57. Susan Avatar

    Thank you. Looking forward to great days ahead.

  58. David Avatar

    Am so much interested am tired of poverty eating me out

  59. Maurel Avatar

    its interesting

  60. Maru markos Garamo Avatar

    Thanks for this all information God jesus bless you thanks very much

  61. Solomon Avatar

    i am fully interested to this course. thank you

  62. Chimezie Avatar

    This is quite interesting

  63. Izuchukwu Collins Avatar
    Izuchukwu Collins

    I’m in interested to learn about this website

  64. Yirga Avatar

    Hope I wii learn a from you. GOD bless!

  65. Isaac Barasa Avatar
    Isaac Barasa

    I don’t know what let me to this website, I believe it’s God who want to change my life through you, mine is to say thank you for the willingness and having that desire to help.

  66. Difasi Avatar

    Am interested to learn about it

  67. Joy Avatar

    I am happy and at the same time expectantly waiting for the next step. God bless your sincere willingness to share your experience.


  68. Julius Inyaka Ekunke Avatar
    Julius Inyaka Ekunke

    I am in for this ,is a good one and mind blowing.


    Thank you for your kindness, been willing to help one out of poverty, . Am ready to lean . May God bless you. Amen 🔥🥴❤️‍🩹

  70. Helen Tochukwu Avatar
    Helen Tochukwu

    Thanks very much Sir, am looking forward to be part of your trainees.

  71. Abdullahi Musa Avatar
    Abdullahi Musa

    Thanks for this great opportunity very much delighted. Looking forward to know more.

  72. Susan Avatar

    I’m interested

  73. Adeola Oyefeso Avatar
    Adeola Oyefeso

    Lookin forward to learn from you..

  74. Demehin Timilehin Philemon Avatar
    Demehin Timilehin Philemon

    This is amazing, thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity.

  75. Duncan Kirenga Avatar

    After going through the above numerous Comments, it’s obvious you’re a Godsend.

  76. Reuben Mbiti Avatar
    Reuben Mbiti

    Hello sir, thank you for the opportunity you’re offering us to learn skills of making money online. Waiting eagerly to train.

  77. Chika Nwankwo Avatar
    Chika Nwankwo

    This is really, awesome!

    Thank you immensely,for the golden and,wonderful opportunity.

  78. Oyebola Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing with people what lifted you up.

  79. Damilola Avatar

    This is good. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

  80. Adesorioye Deborah Avatar
    Adesorioye Deborah

    Thanks Czar am full involved in this.
    thanks for sharing.

  81. GandoMiracle Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this very important information sir, God bless you

  82. Ameh Mathias Avatar
    Ameh Mathias

    Still in the dark but I believe everything, hope to experience the reality very soon

  83. Kosisochukwu Avatar

    Thank you for sharing even this level of information sir

  84. Tunde Ajiroba Avatar
    Tunde Ajiroba

    Remarkably great!
    Just wanted to say thank you for ready to share this unique knowledge hopefully.

  85. Clement Onyekwere Avatar
    Clement Onyekwere

    Good evening. Though, I am new here. However, I have been hearing about stakecut. Please I will be glad even as I begin to appreciate, if you will put me really through. I have been longing for an opportunity to be making money online since I haven’t job since after leaving university. Thanks a million.

  86. Nnamdi Igbokwe Avatar
    Nnamdi Igbokwe

    I can’t wait to know more of this, thank for this great opportunity.

  87. Ikechukwu Avatar

    Hello Czar
    Please how much will the training cost?

  88. Stella Ekeleme Avatar
    Stella Ekeleme

    Many thanks for this great opportunity sir, God bless you sir

  89. Abbey City Avatar

    Still in the dark but I believe everything, hope to experience the reality very soon

  90. Cynthia Avatar

    I am interested

  91. Bem Florence Mwuese Avatar
    Bem Florence Mwuese

    Good evening, this good news an opportunity I’ve been looking for I will participate actively in the training and make good use of it. Thank you for reaching out to me.

  92. Okudu Kelvin Avatar
    Okudu Kelvin

    Great! Still struggling to make my first sale though. I hope this training will indeed help me a lot

  93. ERNEST Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to the privilege of being trained in how to make real money in digital real estate. God bless you bountifully.

  94. Hephzibah Praise Avatar
    Hephzibah Praise

    Ok but I need a website for I have none yet

  95. Hamed Avatar

    Really struggling for my upkeep I really hope this training helps to make some income God bless you

  96. Hamed Avatar

    Thanks for this opportunity I hope I can start making a living out of this God bless you

  97. Ogechi Avatar

    Awesome. I can’t wait to start. Please the link to also join the whatsapp group is not going through. Can you send me another one. Thanks

  98. Adewara Toyeeb Avatar
    Adewara Toyeeb

    Thank you very much for showing us the opportunity sir may Almighty God always be there for you

  99. Eze Emeka Avatar
    Eze Emeka

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn a new way of making it on line.
    Looking forward to learning more from you soon.

  100. Beauty Gideon Avatar

    Good evening sir
    Thank you so much for this wonderful and rare opportunity to learn how to make money online. I am very much eager and interested to learn whatever it will take me to change my financial status for good. I really hope it works out for my good

  101. Joel Avatar

    Very good to know all this and i will be very grateful for good outcome

  102. Joel Amponsah Avatar

    Good to know all this and i will be grateful for good outcome

  103. Ovie gift Avatar
    Ovie gift

    Am so grateful sir can’t wait to learn because I really want to make out something out of it……

  104. Ovie gift Avatar
    Ovie gift

    Am so grateful sir can’t wait to learn because I really want to make out something out of it……and be like you

  105. Ikechukwu ogudu Avatar

    Thank you sir, your words is full of wisdom. I now ask you how much is the course? Then i will like you to teaching me everything i need to know about it.

  106. Fatima Hassan Avatar
    Fatima Hassan

    am very much eager and interested to learn whatever it will take me to change my financial status for good. I’m really glad I found this at the right time.

  107. Dlama Avatar

    Thanks for this opportunity Sir

  108. Jenifer Ogba Avatar
    Jenifer Ogba

    Wow, this is a great opportunity. I am so glad I found out about this training. Thank you so much Sir. I can’t wait to learn and earn

  109. Esther Nazzy Avatar
    Esther Nazzy

    Nice one

  110. Mfoniso patrick Avatar
    Mfoniso patrick

    I really appreciate you sir but I want to ask you made mention of buying something so I want to know how much will it cost, and I want to know will it need money for registration

  111. Mfoniso patrick Avatar

    thanks sir for giving me this opportunity 🙏

  112. Ezeibe Sophia Uchenna Avatar
    Ezeibe Sophia Uchenna

    Thank you for this opportunity, May God bless you

  113. James Vwi Avatar

    This is great – Only God can pay you.
    Remain blessed

  114. Joseph Emmanuel Avatar
    Joseph Emmanuel

    I have a feeling that this is going to be one life changing encounter, am happy to come in contact with you Sir.
    Thanks 🙏

  115. Chinedu Avatar

    Thank you for this opportunity,I pray and hope it works as you said it worked for you, thanks again.

  116. Chinedu Avatar

    I will be very happy if I learned from you and it work out for me and then will bless you for me

  117. Chinedu Avatar

    I am interested and ready to learned what ever that will take me out of poverty

  118. Chinedu David Avatar

    God will bless you for me.if you can help me change my life

  119. Paul Avatar

    Thanks alot for opportunity to learn from you….

  120. Golden Morrison Avatar
    Golden Morrison

    Thanks a lot Mr. Czar, i’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity to partake in this uplifting programme.
    However, i would love to now the amount needed the course.

  121. Judith Donatus Avatar
    Judith Donatus

    Thank you. I’m really looking forward to this.

  122. Okechukwu sovereign Avatar
    Okechukwu sovereign

    Thanks Mr Czar for the opportunity. Wish to be like you someday

  123. ASOGWA VITUS Avatar

    Thank you for your information and remain blessed Sir.
    I will like to learn more from you Sir.

  124. Garba Abdullahi Sule Avatar
    Garba Abdullahi Sule

    Thanks for your message.
    Looking forward to read from you againtomorrow.

  125. Ademola Murana Avatar
    Ademola Murana

    All instructions were carried out as directed in your first mail to my box.

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    Thanks. Looking forward for more

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    looking forward to learn from this

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    Very interesting l will love to learn more sir

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    It’s quite an impressive engagement… let’s get into the tutorials and mentorship proper to enable me form a holistic and well informed opinion.


    I think it will be beneficial

  131. Adeniyi Adedoyin Avatar
    Adeniyi Adedoyin

    Thanks for the your kind gesture,may the pay u back for all

  132. Adeniyi Adedoyin Avatar
    Adeniyi Adedoyin

    Thanks a million fold for sharing this expensive information 🙏

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    I really appreciate this if it’ll work for me.

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    Kechy Chuks

    I’m eager to learn please


    I think you’re another God sent to the poverty ridden ones like me who has been feeding from hand to mouth.
    If this is real, may the Almighty God make the sky your starting point.

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    Looking forward to learn more from u sir

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